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Stacked Pathways:

Female Mentoring

Stacked Pathways

Welcome to Stacked Pathways, a Female Mentoring Programme dedicated to inspiring women working in data and analytics.

Our mission is simple: reduce the number of female dropouts from data and analytics careers. We achieve this by pairing the best female data leaders (Mentors) with D&A practitioners (Mentees) through a six-month Mentoring programme.

During the Stacked Pathways Mentoring Programme, Mentors and Mentees can benefit from:

  • Forging a trusting relationship with like-minded female data professionals.
  • Sharing, tackling, and achieving personal and professional goals through mentorship.
  • Confidential support to overcome professional challenges and imposter syndrome.
  • Knowledge sharing and technical guidance from respected data and analytics professionals.
  • A dedicated Slack channel and meet-ups.

Join us on this empowering journey as we strive to unlock your full potential!